Retro Boudoir Photography Poses

How to Shoot AWESOME Photos in Any Bedroom

Pinup and cheesecake photographs were a product of early 19th century. Pinup being the photographs pin’ed up to the wall to be looked at, while cheesecake was a photo or poster of a provocative girl in less attire. Not pornographic, just less clothes with an expression of being provocative.

Add a little retro sexy to your Boudoir Photography Poses with the old pinup look of the early 1900’s. Muted and highlighted colors along with retro styled clothing and lingerie coupled with poses indicative of the early days, give way to retro boudoir photography, which is a whole genre niche in itself. Once shot with wet paper process film, can now also be accieved with digital photography and post production in Photoshop.


Retro Boudoir Photography Poses

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