Simple Light, Simple Props – Boudoir Photography Tips

How to Shoot AWESOME Photos in Any Bedroom

Simple Light, Simple Props – Boudoir Photography Tips

The following image is a simple image. One single light, One Satin Sheet, One White Bed Sheet and One Gorgeous Model.

A single strip softbox on a strobe for nice diffuse, wrap lighting to create softened shadows, with the model laying on a single white bed sheet on a cushioned platform. The model is then draped with a red satin sheet in strategic areas, to 1) give the modelĀ  sense of ease and some privacy via implied nudity, 2) give the viewer something to imagine instead of putting everything “In Your Face”, 3) to add a touch of color and contrast.

The models makeup is also smeared to give a sense of??? Playful sensuality??? Playful Roughhousing? You decide and be the judge…It’s all in good playful fun and leaves the mind to it’s imagination.

Boudoir Photography Tips

Simple Lighting and Simple Props - Boudoir Photography Poses

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