Fine Art Boudoir Photography Poses

Fine Art Boudoir Photography Poses The Artistic Boudoir Pose, has many different variations. The image below shows a breast, and no face. This type of photo is able to let the person looking at it, see who they want to see. Instead of defining¬† the person in the picture we let the viewer define the […]

Boudoir Photography Poses Using Simple Natural Lighting

Boudoir Photography Poses Using Simple Natural Lighting In this image the model is laying towards the back of the couch made of a soft black fabric. Black absorbs light and negates any light that spills onto the couch. What you don’t see is the window above the back of the couch, with this shot being […]

Boudoir Photography Props and Posing

Boudoir Photography Props and Posing In this image, the model is laying on a red satin sheet. There are several cushions to prop her legs up to help accentuate the legs and create an “S” Curve to the body. The pose stretches from one corner of the photograph to the adjacent corner effectively filling up […]

Retro Boudoir Photography Poses

Pinup and cheesecake photographs were a product of early 19th century. Pinup being the photographs pin’ed up to the wall to be looked at, while cheesecake was a photo or poster of a provocative girl in less attire. Not pornographic, just less clothes with an expression of being provocative. Add a little retro sexy to […]

Boudoir Photography Tips

Boudoir Photography Tips This site gives out boudoir photography tips for the photography, because regardless of if the subject is a paying client, a close friend, girlfriend, or aspiring model, it is usually beneficial to demonstrate to her the exact same considerations that you would any legitimate photography client. Boudoir Photography Tips about Clients Boudoir […]

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