Boudoir Photography Poses Using Simple Natural Lighting

How to Shoot AWESOME Photos in Any Bedroom

Boudoir Photography Poses Using Simple Natural Lighting

In this image the model is laying towards the back of the couch made of a soft black fabric. Black absorbs light and negates any light that spills onto the couch. What you don’t see is the window above the back of the couch, with this shot being taken mid day when the sun was highest in the sky. The light spills onto the models body and slowly and gently falls off around the edges, but also defines the edges of her nicely curved body.

The only elements on this body are a nice laced panty and a pair of patent leather high heels, another faceless photo as described in a another Boudoir Photography Tip, gives the viewer the ability to place that body on anyone. Another perfect type image for selling, as the model isn’t defined, it could be anyone laying there looking pretty.

Boudoir Photography Poses

Boudoir Photography with Window Light

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