Boudoir Photography Tips for Valentines Day

How to Shoot AWESOME Photos in Any Bedroom

Boudoir Photography Tips for Valentines Day

Here are some boudoir photography tips for one of the biggest selling days of the year, Valentines Day. Valentines day is the day people profess their love or affirm their continued love for their mate, or they just want to do something awesome for that special person in their life and possibly jump start something in the bedroom. It is one of the biggest selling days of the year for Flowers, Lingerie, Chocolate, Jewelry and Boudoir Photography. Hopefully these boudoir photography tips will give you some inspiration and ideas for next years Valentines day.

Boudoir Photography Tips and Props

Here are some boudoir photography tips for props for the Valentines Day boudoir sessions you will be shooting. Be sure to have on hand some boxes of chocolate or have the client bring their own. Have plenty of roses on hand or have the client bring their own. Some of the roses may have the petals pulled off and placed on the bed for prop and effect. Red and White Lingerie is also a great set maker for Valentines day sessions.  Also have some Red Satin Sheets(available at Amazon.Com) available for the set, if you are doing studio sessions on a bed. Red and red satin the colors of love and the bedroom if you know what I mean. If you are shooting in the studio is may be wise to have several sets of these sheets and change them after each client. Actually red Satin Sheets are good to have anyway if your shooting boudoir.

Boudoir Photography Tips On Styling The Photograph

Styling the photograph for valentines day should be somewhat easy, but when we get into the studio sometimes we have a momentary lapse of memory and draw a blank. These boudoir photography tips for styling the shoot will make it easier, just think about the props being used: Candy, Roses, Lingerie and Red Satin Sheets and it will all come together. Boudoir Photo sessions have never been easier with so many easy props and such laying around. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

This first shot is a high key white background with a big red heart as the main prop. Additional styling includes red lingerie and red high heels.

Boudoir Photography Tips for Valentines Day

High Key white Background with a big blowup heart as prop

This next pose is the looking up/on the back pose, with a single red rose in hand making the connection to love and Valentines Day. The model is smiling and happy and she is wearing a nice looking and revealing lingerie piece. Sometimes one simple addition or prop is better than a bunch all over the place.

Boudoir Phototography Tips for Valentines Day

The Looking up/On the back pose with a single rose in hand.

The next image is a tightly cropped shot with a single red rose, not showing any face, with a black piece of lingerie and a minimal of flesh showing. This shot can work in many different ways for other purposes too, because the lack of a face, anyone’s face can go here in the imagination.

Boudoir Phototography Tips for Valentines Day

Tightly cropped and one prop, no face

The next shot combines several props for Valentines Day. Red Roses, a heart shaped box of chocolates, red satin sheets and pink lingerie. One might say that with all these extras in the photo it might be overkill, and it could be yes, which is why I stress that sometimes less is more, way more.

Boudoir Phototography Tips for Valentines Day

Chocolate and Roses

This next shot is a favorite among the ladies. It’s a semi nude shot with the bust obscured, a skimpy bottom and rose petals on the bed as well to make that connection to Valentines Day. The shot can be modified my making it completely nude as well, or any other slight modifications.

Boudoir Phototography Tips for Valentines Day

Rose Petals on the bed, Semi Nude

This next shot is one of my favorites. It has the roses in focus and makes the connection to love or Valentines day and the subject is in the background out of focus due to shallow depth of field be used. A semi nude shot with bust obscured but still quite sexy.

Boudoir Phototography Tips for Valentines Day

Roses in focus client out of focus

The last shot is somewhat provocative. The subject is slightly nibbling on a heart shaped sucker/lollipop with a seduction upward glance from a slightly down tilted head. Nice bust shot and not too revealing but still quite the hot shot in any case. Very Suggestive wouldn’t you say?

Boudoir Phototography Tips for Valentines Day

I want Candy, Raises eyebrow....

I hope these boudoir photography tips have helped you to formulate some ideas for next valentines day or for any holiday for that matter. Boudoir photography is more attitude than anything else. One simple little prop or adjustment can make the difference in any shot and can add a whole new dimension to the picture.

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