Boudoir Photography Tips For Christmas

How to Shoot AWESOME Photos in Any Bedroom

Boudoir Photography Tips for Christmas

Christmas time is a great time for boudoir photographers. It has the potential for making good money and new clients so we have some tips for you to make the most with very little. No Pun Intended.

Christmas Props

Christmas has a wide array of decorations that lend themselves nicely to boudoir photography as props. Small gift wrapped boxes, sometimes large ones held in the palm of the hand or in front of a ladies bosom, a giant Christmas Stocking, Santas bag of goodies, a Christmas tree, an elves hat, Santas Coat, a Santa hat and the good old Christmas themes lingerie.

Any small item can make a boudoir shoot fun and different, not the usual boudoir style but a fun and sexy shoot that yields images that a lady would love to give her man as a stocking stuffer. Picture this: a naughty Santas helper, a gift wrapper woman in not much but a giant box, a scantily dressed female in Santas Coat, or a woman in lingerie wearing a bow under the Christmas tree.

All sorts of new ideas from just a few simple Christmas props.

Making Money During The Holiday Season

Here is a couple boudoir photography tips to make money during the holiday season which can also be used during any holiday of the year to keep those new clients streaming in to your studio.

Have a boudoir photography event which you supply a hair stylist and makeup artist. Charge a set fee which will include hair and makeup and a 45 minute shoot, and include Five, 8×10 printed images in the package. Here, you are selling a complete package, an experience and a great time for the client. Hair and makeup done by professionals and 5 prints included as well. What more could they ask for except maybe some snacks.

How Much To Charge and Pay

Set up a day of shooting and line up 6 clients who have prepaid say $300, pay the hair and makeup artist $300 each for the day and you walk away at the end of the day with $1200 in your pocket for a days worth of shooting beautiful ladies in Christmas themes outfits. These tips will give you some new inspiration, new clients and your Christmas spending cash.

Boudoir Photography Tips

Santa’s Helper

Boudoir Photography Tips

A Simple Candy Cane Can Do The Trick

Boudoir Photography Tips

A SMall Gift Wrapped Box Can Be Fun

Boudoir Photography Tips

The Good Old Christmas Themed Outfit

Boudoir Photography Tips

A Santa Hat

Boudoir Photography Tips

A Stocking Stuffer?

Boudoir Photography Tips

Let’s Not Forget The Pin Ups

Boudoir Photography Tips

Another Christmas Outfit

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  1. Boudoir photography brings out the best in every woman by making use of the most talented photographers, suggestive poses, and digital enhancements.

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