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I just wanted to let you in on a little special that’s going on this weekend, and only this weekend.

This weekend Michael Zelbel, author of “The art of boudoir photography with speedlights”, is opening his photography coaching club for signups.

Signup will be possible from Friday June 29th until Monday morning July 2nd, and there’s only ONE way to get into this club and that’s signing up for his VIP mailing list.

Here’s what Michael told me:

Together with the members of the club I have been currently busy developing a new high
end coaching program for beginners and amateur photographers. The name of the
program is “The Productive Photographer”. It is an interactive video program,
going over 6 months with one lesson per week. The first lesson has just been
previewed by our members and they are already raving.

After this initial launch it will be more expensive in the future though.

After going through this program the photographer will have– a signature style

– a streamlined workflow

– a targeted portfolio website

– a valid business model

This coaching program is going to be very effective, but after this time it is going to get expensive.

For the first round of coaching we would love to have a few
more people taking the program so that we can collect a lot of feedback in order
to fine tune the lessons and the exercises before we finally launch it to the
public. That’s why I am going to open the club and let some more people in. Our
new members will directly have access to the new program and I am eager to
collect their feedback and use the feedback for improvements.

The monthly membership fee of the club is only US$14.95. So photographers, who sign up for
the club this time can go through this high end program for a small fraction of
the cost
that photographers are going to pay in the future. And they even have
the benefit of much more hand holding than future clients. Besides that, the new
members will of course have access to all the great resources of the club such
as lighting instructions, downloadable resources and a wonderful forum.

I won’t open the front door of the club but I am sending invitations to my VIP list only.
Please sign up HERE.

So this is an exclusive once in a lifetime chance to get in on a great coaching and training course with a great photographer.
After this initial launch the price is going to go way up. So get in now while the price is still dirt cheap.
Here’s to your success,

Larry Darkman Clark




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